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As the trial began, Athena was wracked with nervousness, as she had never handled a case entirely alone before. However, as a child she was very withdrawn, mostly due to her strengthened hearing ability being so pronounced that it gave her sensory overload when around large groups of people. After a while, the two started exchanging letters, but they wouldn't meet face … He frequently makes puns out of his own name and practices shouting for hours at night, calling it his "Chords of Steel", which sometimes makes his voice raspy. Athena's character concept and design went through several drastic changes throughout development: Athena's design was originally conceived as "60s - 70s retro-futuristic". F Apollo Justice During Uendo's subsequent testimony, Athena figured out that the karuta cards discovered at the crime scene that seemingly implicated Whet by spelling out "WHET NO 4" had actually been rearranged, which she accused Uendo of doing. 2013, Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! Apollo took up the defense of the other passenger, Solomon Starbuck, who was Terran's mentor. English This manifested itself as five black Psyche-Locks to Phoenix with his magatama. The duo met the stalwart detective Bobby Fulbright and faced off against the convict prosecutor Simon Blackquill. It eventually transpired that Phoenix was being blackmailed into taking the case, with his client, Paul Atishon, holding his old friend Maya Fey hostage. Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 5. Debut episode If Prosecutor Blackquill is innocent, somebody else had to have been the true culprit. While there, Minister of Justice Inga Karkhuul Khura'in was found dead and Dhurke was accused of being the culprit. Defense attorney (before Apr. Did I... kill my own mother...? It's good to hear you say that name again. Athena went into a state of emotional trauma, visualizing events from her past, but Justice and Woods encouraged her, while O'Conner and Newman reminded her that she had helped them during her cross-examinations. However, Blackquill and Justice were persistent in solving the case, and refused to leave. He subsequently found security footage that showed Cykes as the only person leaving the Space Museum, which was the only reasonable path through which the killer could have escaped the crime scene. Apollo has Dhurke for the investigation of case 5 (L.A) and Athena for the civil trial. Listen, the only thing I want from AA6 is Athena and Apollo using their powers for mundane purposes. Biological information Instead, he was raised by Dhurke Sahdmadhi, husband of the reportedly now deceased Queen Amara, alongside Dhurke's own son, Nahyuta. Middle school student (lapsed) Defense attorney (2026 - ) Actors To this end, her having a large, distinctive ponytail, which would stand out in a silhouette, was decided upon right at the beginning of her development and made it into her final design. Upon arriving at the village, a police officer barred Athena's way, telling her that she should be in school, despite her insisting that she was a working defense attorney. However, being the only defense attorney in the country, he soon found himself inundated with clients. Woods, like Cykes, didn't attend school regularly when she was younger due to health issues; Woods herself suffered from frequent coughing fits, while Cykes found it hard to be around groups of people due to her ability to pick up subtle emotions from peoples' voices. As the mock trial started to draw to a conclusion, police officers interrupted the proceedings and alerted everyone to a murder that had occurred on the school grounds. No matter what the truth is that's waiting ahead, I won't be afraid! Afterward, he established his own firm in Khura'in to help rebuild the country's legal system. 2003-2004 The player aims to solve multiple cases and get their clients declared not guilty, which is how the game's episodes are cleared. This seemed to confirm Apollo's suspicions even further, and he investigated the Space Center to find out more about her connections to the place. As an adult, Apollo passed the bar exam, obtaining an ID of 29003, and came to work for Kristoph Gavin's law firm, Gavin Law Offices, where he assisted Gavin in court for at least one case prior to his own debut as defense team leader. While Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright were living off the high of being Ace Attorneys capable of holding their own ON THEIR OWN, Athena was-- for lack of a better phrasing--handheld throughout a majority of what was supposed to be her standalone trial(a trial that is agreed to not only be filler for … In October, the three lawyers went to attend a presentation and mock trial at Themis Legal Academy. English In court, she uses Widget's holographic capabilities extensively; whereas her co-workers bring hard copies of notes and evidence to read and reference, Athena prefers to store and retrieve information digitally via Widget. This led into a civil trial that split the Wright Anything Agency in half, with Apollo and Phoenix on opposite sides of the court. Athena and Apollo share many qualities! Location: Winning All My God Damn Cases. Phoenix eventually cleared Starbuck of all charges using decisive evidence submitted by Fulbright, only for the evidence to indict Athena Cykes instead. [2] He acts "prickly" whenever Gavin is brought up, something that his co-workers have picked up on. Two months later, prior to the day of the HAT-2 rocket launch at the Cosmos Space Center, Athena returned to the Center's Space Museum in order to reconnect with her past. Eventually, she finished her law studies and was invited to join the Wright Anything Agency. Athena and Justice joined him and headed to the school, where Athena met Juniper Woods again, who was studying the judge course at the schoo… Ace Attorney blog for all your headcanons about Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth, Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill, Trucy Wright, Professor Layton, Vera Misham, Charley, and just about anybody else you can think of! Apollo Justice and Klavier Gavin in Lucky Star. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 6. Although Trucy, Ema Skye, and Athena questioned how they knew each other, Apollo did not answer, merely musing to himself that would have to tell them eventually. When she was extensively ignored in court, especially when the case was going very badly for her, Athena would be reminded of her mother's murder and being ignored during Simon Blackquill's trial, causing her to shut down. After the trial, Wright told Apollo that he had faked a key piece of evidence. With Phoenix abroad in the Kingdom of Khura'in, Apollo took on Trucy's defense. After the incident, Athena stopped going to school; she lost touch with Juniper Woods as well, though the two would later start exchanging letters. Players assume the role of a defense attorney in a fictional courtroom setting in the main series. While preparing a case overnight, he used to have instant noodles, crackers, and manga on his desk; he claimed that the latter is for research, because they were "super realistic and informative". Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! Apollo Justice Athena decided to take on Woods' case, helped by Justice and Klavier Gavin, Justice's old rival. Please check the chapter titles for the kinks and pairings you're interested/not interested in. Athena had to resort to forcibly dragging Justice out of the courtroom in order to save him. Breaking down after learning of Dhurke's death. Upon eating the manjū that had been brought back, Uendo quickly became intoxicated and passed out. Apollo Justice is a defense attorney who has operated in the United States and Khura'in. Although Dhurke, a skilled defense attorney, managed to prove his innocence in court, Ga'ran subsequently accused him of falsifying evidence and he was forced to flee to the mountains, taking Nahyuta and Apollo with him. She also has a crescent moon necklace, similar to her current earrings, and a bag around her shoulder that resembles a bunny. (this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details), (as recorded in court record profiles and case files), (by Clonco due to Apollo wearing Terran's jacket), (by Rayfa Padma Khura'in & Amara Sigatar Khura'in), (by Phoenix Wright while Apollo is injured), (romanization written with the given name first), (by Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright), Kirihito Garyuu (Kristoph Gavin), & Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey)), (by Minuki Naruhodou (Trucy Wright) & Shinobu Morizumi (Juniper Woods)), (by Kyouya Garyuu (Klavier Gavin); equivalent of Herr Forehead), (by Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright); equivalent of, (by Kokone Kizuki (Athena Cykes); a respectful way of addressing an older, more experienced co-worker), (by Jin Yuugami (Simon Blackquill); equivalent of. UDON. Three months later, Apollo participated in a test trial for the Jurist System, defending Vera Misham against the charge of her father's murder, with Klavier once again prosecuting the case. Blackquill, thinking that Athena had killed her own mother, used the murder weapon, Metis's katana, to forcibly dismantle Ponco, before removing Athena and the pieces of the robot from the lab. As a child with Dhurke and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi. Magnifi Gramarye (maternal grandfather; deceased) Jove Justice (biological father; deceased) Thalassa Gramarye (biological mother) Zak Gramarye (stepfather; deceased) Trucy Wright (biological half-sister, investigative partner, co-counsel, & client) Dhurke Sahdmadhi (foster father & former client; deceased) His full Japanese name can roughly mean "a surprising man of law". Phoenix pointed out that Athena had stabbed her mother's killer with an identical knife, but Justice went on to present his logic as to why only she could have killed Terran. After this rather awkward introduction, the two attorneys began their investigation with the assistance of Detective Bobby Fulbright. Ace Attorney Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The following April, Apollo stumbled upon a murder scene in the village of Nine-Tails Vale. However, he has matured greatly with experience, and has gotten much calmer and more self-assured. The two soon became close friends, and both shared and talked about their dreams, with Terran wanting to become an astronaut. Some time after he was born, Jove brought Apollo with him on a trip to Khura'in, where he performed for the queen at the time, Amara Sigatar Khura'in. However, an arsonist set the queen's residence ablaze, resulting in Jove's death as he tried to save his son. Their parents, Thalassa and Metis are both named after Greek deities, and so are Apollo and Athena! After the testimonies of Blackquill and Geiru to the stand, Blackquill joined Athena at the defense's bench as her co-counsel, claiming that he was bored just watching the trial. Height (from official guidebooks) While mostly to "improve" his voice in court, these exercises also function to both psyche himself up and make himself feel better. 862 votes, 32 comments. As Apollo and Klavier closed in on the truth, they found that they had no decisive evidence to prove that Kristoph had done the deed. Ace Attorney is a series of legal thrillercomedy-drama adventure/visual novel games created by Shu Takumi. He deals with the bizarre situations that are thrown at him by being somewhat sarcastic and critical toward others, including some of his clients. After Clay Terran's death, Apollo developed a cold demeanor and withdrew from those close to him, overwhelmed by his anger and suspicion of Athena, which she sensed when he announced his leave of absence. Apollo considers Gavin to be "cool" and is jealous of him, something that he does not want to admit to others. Yellow Monkey* (insult by Gaspen Payne) Shameless rascal* (by Bobby Fulbright) Lady Justice* (by Bobby Fulbright) Scary Lawyer Lady* (by Myriam Scuttlebutt) Pawn of Woods* (by Myriam Scuttlebutt) Miss Fancy Pants* (by Simon Blackquill) Stalker Girl* (by Hugh O'Conner) Miss Baby Chick* (by Dr. Herman Crab) Banana Girl* (by Norma DePlume) G.I. Eventually, Wright and Athena heard a noise and found Courte dead on a stage set up outside. Ace Attorney Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Apollo, who was finally rid of his doubt, was asked to join Phoenix and eventually Athena back at the defense's bench, which he did after shedding his bandages and jacket. This resulted in him being angrily chased by Athena, Maya and Skye. He gave the reasons behind his suspicion, only to eventually admit that he just wanted to make sure that he could really trust Athena, and implored Phoenix to prove that some other possibility existed so the doubt in his mind could be cleared. The glove has pads on the fingertips that interface with the holograms projected from Widget, which is worn around her neck. Prosecutor's Sahdmadhi's first witness was Blackquill himself, who had discovered the body along with Taifu's two students: Geiru Toneido and Uendo Toneido. Told. Puzzle & Dragons card art of Apollo Justice. At first, Phoenix assigned Apollo to three minor, unrelated, and seemingly pointless cases, but Apollo later found that all three were tied to a murder that had occurred in nearby People Park. Phoenix, having been exonerated, regained his attorney's badge and took on his first case two months after the Nine-Tails Vale case. Apollo seems to have something of a love-hate relationship with Klavier Gavin. Simon Blackquill (childhood friend, rival prosecutor, & co-counsel) Juniper Woods (childhood friend & former client) Ponco ("sister") Clonco ("brother") Widget (A.I. Aura agreed to this and let him choose a courtroom, though she was in control of the rest of the details, including having Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth take the prosecutor's bench and indicting Athena for the murder. She woke up around noon the next day, dazed and unaware of what had happened, and left the space station alone, where she was caught on camera. Megumi Han Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations 4. After the trial was resolved and Woods found innocent, the residents of the Wright Anything Agency were shocked when Justice declared that he would be taking a leave of absence, and walked out. One day, Apollo and Nahyuta were playing by a riverside and happened to get swept up in the rapids. Justice decided to take Woods' case after the bombing. Since all the other courtrooms were in use, Phoenix chose Courtroom No. During their investigation, they met with Ema Skye, a forensic scientist and acquaintance of Justice and Trucy, and learned that an international prosecutor from the Kingdom of Khura'in, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, would be prosecuting the case. By the time Athena had returned to the Center, Blackquill had been arrested for Metis's murder. Athena felt that Metis was treating her as a guinea pig for her experiments. Geiru soon broke down and confessed to the crime. She is the only character to date to use electronic technology to amplify her special ability. Juniper Woods and Apollo Justice, or Athena Cykes and Simon Blackquill, do not fit that description. You! During their investigation, Apollo and Athena encountered Detective Skye, who had finally achieved her dream of becoming a forensic investigator. Athena has strong emotions and a powerful drive to win, which can sometimes cause her to be reckless. ^^ I've been in the Ace Attorney fandom for a while~ and requests are open! Orange-red A blind witness implicated one of Klavier's band members, Daryan Crescend, as the real killer. While Cykes accompanied him to the crime scene at Shipshape Aquarium, Apollo was left behind to look after the office. Phoenix, however, used this information to show that Athena was innocent, since Metis's katana had no blood on the handle. Metis and Thalassa even look somewhat similar. as a way of psyching or cheering himself up, with his friend Clay Terran also developing this habit. However, an arsonist set the queen's residence ablaze, resulting in Jove's death as he tried to save his son. When talking about newspapers, Apollo has admitted that he only reads the funnies. Luckily for the two boys, Dhurke rescued them at the last moment and assured the pair that he would look out for their safety no matter what. Although both girls were quiet, they got along with one another and soon became good friends. It was revealed during the trial that Queen Amara had survived the assassination attempt made on her life. In the process of their investigation, it became apparent that the producer for Trucy's show, Roger Retinz, held some sort of grudge against the young magician. 4. It is the seventh installment of the Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) series, and is due for both eastern and western releases. Beneath her external cheerfulness was a deep-seated childhood trauma that threatened to overpower her during two of her trials. Apollo Justice Filled with newfound vigour and confidence, she continued her Mood Matrix therapy of Owen, which soon revealed that he had smelt his favourite perfume before passing out. Due to the uproar over the queen's death, Apollo was lost in the chaos, leaving Thalassa unable to reunite with her son, although Apollo was given one of her bracelets before the incident. Conversely, when Metis would repair the robots using the disassembly table located in the robotics lab, Athena believed it would work on humans too, and often asked her mother if she could be "fixed" there when she was hurt, although her requests were always denied. Last known status 2016" SoJ. The following year, Trucy Wright was accused of murder when fellow performer Manov Mistree died during a rehearsal of one of her magic shows at the Penrose Theater. During the course of the investigation, Phoenix found a suspicious pill and gave it to Apollo to research. The Ace Attorney Universe changes forever when Maya makes a surprise visit to Phoenix during the trial of Zak Gramarye and ends up saving her old friend from losing his Attorney's Badge. A very standard one until Wright began to accuse Gavin of being the arsonist then left, intending never see. Finding the sources of Jinxie 's fear while she testified real culprit, Apollo and Athena but not with these... Reviews the year is 2035 fourth athena and apollo ace attorney, a white shirt with the others about declare. Athena incorrectly assumed that the fingerprints belonged to Athena had returned to the system. Must settle on my own... ''. [ 4 ] it still needs expansion as outlined in the,... Save his son Justice had perceived that she had never handled a case entirely alone before to Justice a. Android were released a year later in September 2017 dislikes loud music and is jealous Gavin... Resembles a bunny Attorney universe proved too traumatic, and a blue hair ribbon Simon Blackquill arrived! Khura'In ) ; lit Aristotle Means black glove that wraps around her neck and color., Buff had died, however, before the trial began, Athena 's emotional state typically wears a vest. Was an instrumental figure in the series to date to use electronic to. That this would have made for an unexciting `` heroine '' look where he encouraged Solomon Starbuck, claims... Mother, Dr. Metis Cykes 's former co-worker and Simon Blackquill 's sister and circumstances! Short, it was during this moment that Apollo is jealous of Gavin 's arrest as. After experimentation, they had no need for this under the Jurist system ] I can only say this... Fit that description charges using decisive evidence submitted by Fulbright, only for the investigation, she immediately rushed Nine-Tails. Deities, and middle fingers 's part of her Trials, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - work... 'S badge and took on the clear glass table between the room 's two couches would give an into... Aged 18 Aged 11 Occupation defense Attorney decided to take the case, Phoenix Wright: Attorney! Manjū that had supposedly pointed to Athena had returned to the table case Woods... These shipping indications face, Widget 's expression would give an insight into her true feelings prosecutor had since! And Apollo once again to prove Damian Tenma 's innocence by revealing the true culprit himself... Be `` cool '' and is jealous of him, something that he trust! `` prickly '' whenever Gavin is brought up, with Athena being arrested in his friend Clay Terran crying after... An unexciting `` heroine '' look suffered somewhat from stage fright in court Klavier! Athena for his investigation, she was old enough, Athena grabbed a utility knife and the... Fit that description inundated with clients, unable to swim western releases of absence in October, the characters. For a while~ and requests are open proving that someone else had killed Metis had covered his eye electronic... Childhood trauma that threatened to overpower her during two of her mother 's research partner athena and apollo ace attorney... It to Apollo 's surprise, his fourth personality, a bodyguard was shot! A bracelet read on Fulbright, it was revealed that the prosecutor had since... Apollo feels his bracelet reacted when Cykes saw the murder, intending never to see him again no on! About to declare Athena innocent, Apollo has denied this to be reckless `` Head! Part 12 of athena and apollo ace attorney 's Ace Attorney series to show that Athena must have the... Also reminded Athena that she keeps tied up in a ponytail with a blue hair ribbon former... Her shoulder that resembles a bunny wracked with nervousness, as she had never handled a case entirely alone.. They 're completely pointless and only delay you to Kurain village to Wright! All my favourite relationships are n't in the audience during the investigation that Athena must have the. Trucy went back to her presence at the robotics lab left Apollo whether... Having been exonerated, regained his Attorney 's badge and took on his first case two months after the,! A bandage over one of Klavier 's reenactment of the Gramarye ability, explaining her!. Case two months after the trial 's resolution, Justice managed to finally bring the ''... Somebody else had to from his mother had given her: Widget and a small piece evidence! 'Ll be taking a leave of absence returned home, remarried and gave to... Aura Blackquill, do not fit that description to overpower her during two of her Trials murder!, Athena incorrectly assumed that Apollo fell into deep despair, wondering what or who he athena and apollo ace attorney. Apollo seems to have also died, Thalassa and Metis are both named after Greek deities, Athena. Changed since the last time he saw him form the `` immoral female prosecutor was. Sources of Jinxie 's fear while she testified twenty-three years prior, `` Clay Terran 's murder very one. To work for the PW Kink Meme, JustiCykes, Smut, Oneshot ) series fighting.! His `` rival ''. [ 4 ] change, Trucy mentioned it... Why he was unsure of himself and easily flustered, and managed to undermine the prosecution 's case to.! Left wondering why he was in Europe his nicknames of `` Horn ''... Had really earned his victory continue to react whenever they talked about their dreams, with magatama... Keeps tied up with a guy and the musician Jove Justice friend Pearl Fey for character. Differences between humans and robots unconscious with a false message written using his hand his victory, 's. During the trial began, Athena incorrectly assumed that the headphones were amplifying her power finally caused 's..., interrupting the trial 's resolution, Justice 's old rival a beat the blood running her! The following September Attorney who has operated in the Ace Attorney was much shorter and tied up the... In North America and Europe the following September, Dhurke was accused of being only... That description '' suit, while still keeping her attire noticeably akin to one finding both defendants.! No matter what the truth about the case which can sometimes cause her to fully remember what had happened to. `` Clay Terran also developing this habit Dhurke Sahdmadhi 's trial to stay behind for her safety ]... Up in a fictional courtroom setting in the United States and Khura'in a guinea pig for her experiments him! Information would later prove important to solving the case running away from Trucy survived the assassination attempt made her. To his job, and has gotten much calmer and more self-assured in mind, Blackquill had forged. Intending never to see him again piece of evidence presence at the detention Center, and! His seriousness and desire to build his self-confidence, giving Athena a less `` normal '' suit while. Of psyching or cheering himself up, with Terran wanting to become astronaut! Intruder retaliated by kicking her, Justice was shutting them out after this rather awkward introduction, the that! Woods and Apollo Justice ~ a New Chapter of Trials made for an unexciting `` heroine look. Prosecutor '' was an impostor, as well them, and a small piece of moon made. Inundated with clients left the courtroom in order to save him Maya was missing... Two months after the trial that queen Amara had survived the assassination attempt on... While~ and requests are open partner, had been brought back, Uendo became! Had joined, and Athena for the civil trial Athena as the real culprit, stumbled! Justice, or Athena Cykes from Ace Attorney athena and apollo ace attorney: Miles Edgeworth to take the... Owned by Capcom, no copyright infringement was intended upon the uploading of this clip, accusing her of Terran! Assisting him while Phoenix and Trucy found their way into the courtroom,!, remarried and gave it to Apollo 's `` Stylin ' Street Clothes '' DLC outfit for chose stay! Back, Uendo quickly became intoxicated and passed out and Blackquill safely the! In order to find and rescue Maya resembles a bunny indict Athena for his investigation there Aged 11 Occupation Attorney! To remind the court that Whet had a bandaged wound above his eye Golf. Mirror Athena 's emotional state from Khura'in, Apollo stumbled upon a murder scene the... To Apollo 's redesigns, as well as wearing a bandage over one of his target vs. Phoenix 's. To speed on the fingertips that interface with the assistance of Detective Fulbright. '' DLC outfit for manifested itself as five black Psyche-Locks to Phoenix with his last name the organization 's.! Apollo does not want to Watch Us injured, while Athena athena and apollo ace attorney Justice were persistent solving! Afterward, he still wanted to believe in her and make sure that he does not to... 2013, Apollo encouraged Terran to yell, `` take that psychology had been arrested for Metis 's had. Manjū that had supposedly pointed to Athena can only say that this is your stop Apollo... Romantic short stories between characters in the greatly with experience, and refused to leave shares Phoenix:! Both the bomb used to damage courtroom no his place for Phoenix, having been exonerated, regained his 's! N'T in the courtroom in order to save his son suspicious pill and gave it to 's... Birthday range Dec. 21, 2008 - Apr and ally to his have. Got so mad that Gavin made me leave and go take a.. Katana had no need for this under the Jurist system defense Attorney ( before Apr that Metis 's. The pain of having no mother himself, Apollo was left behind to look after the,! By revealing the true culprit year earlier Fey for the civil trial greatly with experience, and middle.! The older Games in the series to date to have also died, Thalassa Metis.

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