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Swings and gliders, I wandered on until I came to a sumptuous palace with a garden. (a journey of 21hours) is the pilgrimage church of the Madonna del Monte (2885 ft.), approached by a path which passes fourteen chapels adorned with 17th-century frescoes and groups in stucco illustrating the mysteries of the rosary. The present building has an imposing Corinthian portico, and encloses a court surrounded by an ambulatory adorned with historical paintings by Leighton, Seymour Lucas, Stanhope Forbes and others. A striking contrast exists between the Moorish quarter, with its tortuous lanes and Oriental architecture, and the modern quarter, with its rectangular streets and wide open squares, frequently bordered with trees and adorned with fountains. The facades of the houses are usually built in courses of brick and stone, and adorned with carvings, sculptures and inscriptions. How To Use Adorned In a Sentence – Adorned sentence in English is simple to make. The central square is adorned with a statue of Armand, duc de Richelieu (1826), who was governor of Odessa in 1803-1814. Not only do they offer unique baby shirts, onesies and other clothing, they offer unique tutus, headbands, and big-flower adorned hats that are sure to attract attention wherever you go. However, you need to apply proper grammar rules in any sentence. This page has a vast collection of Adorned example sentences. Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations search engine. Interpret 18. The Capella Palatina, at Palermo, the most wonderful of Roger's churches, with Norman doors, Saracenic arches, Byzantine dome, and roof adorned with Arabic scripts, is perhaps the most striking product of the brilliant and mixed civilization over which the grandson of the Norman Trancred ruled. Demonstrate 24. 2. Favourite answer 'The head of Jesus was adorned with a crown of thorns'. Anonymous. 20 Answers. On a marble slab that once adorned the public baths at Comum, his distinctions were recorded in a long inscription, which was afterwards removed to Milan. The great hall, with its fine open-timbered oak roof, is adorned with a splendid stained-glass window and several statues of notable men, including one (by Louis Francois Roubiliac) of Duncan Forbes of Culloden, lord president of the court of session (1685-1747), and now forms the ante-room for lawyers and their clients. The sleek, navy blue compact is adorned with an iridescent "CD" moniker reflected behind a "Dior" logo engraved in silver. At the east end it is closed by the Maximilianeum, an extensive and imposing edifice, adorned externally with large sculptural groups and internally with huge paintings representing the chief scenes in the history of the world. by Zeno of Citium, and so called from the Stoa or painted corridor (6roci 7roucLXf) on the north side of the market-place at Athens, which, after its restoration by Cimon, the celebrated painter Polygnotus had adorned with frescoes representing scenes from the Trojan War. and other public buildings, are adorned, and which are not merely of a decorative character, but in many instances present us with elaborate compositions of figures, historical and mythological scenes, as well as representations of the ordinary life and manners of the people, which are full of interest to us, though often of inferior artistic execution. What does adorn mean? of Hesse, and adorned with sculptures by Zwerger and von der Lausitz. 0 0. 53. His preferred garb was a satin-trimmed velvet robe and shoes, usually, The calamondins are brilliant orbs, and the Meyer lemons are perfect yellow spheres on trees, The bride's bouquet was made of cascading Phalaenopsis orchids and was, Many of England's most famous cathedrals are, She carried a round hand-tied bouquet of Titanic roses, Finesse roses, and peonies gathered with a satin sash and, Then I went into the backyard, which had a flower-covered arbor, a small garden wall, and room behind it for a garden. Many styles are playfully adorned with fringe or other elements to add some intrigue to the look. Beautiful landscape paintings adorn the walls of the Damle family at Dadar. I have no desire to be adorned. Northward and far back in the foot-hills is the Ptolemaic temple of Deir el Medina, and beyond under the cliffs of Deir el Bahri the terrace temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the walls of which are adorned with scenes from her expedition to Puoni (Somaliland) in search of incense trees, and many other subjects. Adorn definition, to decorate or add beauty to, as by ornaments: garlands of flowers adorning their hair. Plus, there are a number of outside eateries that are adorned with beautiful palm trees when you need to take a break from shopping. He built a stately house in the city, and adorned it with a multitude of paintings. 4. You can purchase floor pillows that are adorned with all kinds of embellishments. It had a continuous fringe of covered halls of various dimensions and shapes, once richly adorned with statues and columnar screens. Lycian sculpture followed closely the development of Greek sculpture, and many of the sculptures with which the tombs are adorned are of a high order of merit. He rebuilt the temples and a palace for himself north of Sennacherib's on the site of the latter's harem; which was adorned with extraordinary variety and richness. Many other splendid mosques and royal tombs adorned the city, and justified the Turkish proverb, "See all the world; but see Konia.". The store that was on 5th avenue was adorned with Christmas decorations.. Notice that you already identify a specific store in the first example, so that the 'information' "on 5th Avenue" is non-essential or non-restrictive [different school of Grammar Law use different terms]. Headbands in a satin fabric add simple sophistication, while headbands adorned with sequins or jewels add a glamorous touch. The dead was adorned of a sentence of Providence has provoked to participate. The palace chapel, adorned with works by Thorvaldsen and Bissen, was preserved from the fire, as was the royal library of about 540,000 volumes and 20,000 manuscripts, for which a new building in Christiansgade was designed about 1900. Some rare contemporary museum exhibits are adorned with carvings. Whether they choose a simple program adorned with a cross or a more elaborate style with several Bible quotes on love and marriage, there are many ways to combine tasteful elegance, spirituality, and romance for a truly blessed wedding day. Besides the large Maximir park and botanical gardens, many of the squares are planted with trees and adorned with statues; while the whole city is surrounded by vineyards and country houses. One assumes that the adorned. Daisy Marc Jacobs Pour Sephora Cushy Brush Set: A sleek gold case houses five travel size cosmetic brushes, each adorned with the special collection's name and logo. The noble collection of paintings which formerly adorned the Dusseldorf gallery was removed to Munich in 1805, and has not since been restored; but there is no lack of artistic treasures in the town. Look for warm, plush quilts adorned with holiday artwork, like snowmen, snowflakes and ornaments. The mosque to which the tower belongs is a large brick building erected by `Abd el Mumin; the interior is adorned with marble pillars, and the whole of the crypt is occupied by a vast cistern excavated by Yakub el Mansur. They can be adorned with feathers, lace, beads, or even live flowers! Various nations have adorned the language according to their local lights. in height), adorned with bas-reliefs of Lincoln and Grant on horseback (by Maurice J. The white ruffle is adorned with a diminutive, barely visible blue polka dot print and finished with blue gingham trim. The exterior is adorned with niched statues and beautiful iron trellis work round the windows. Enjoy the splendor of our protected coral reef adorned with tropical marine life. Supple leathers in an array of colors, richly textured velvets and elegant ribbons of satin or grosgrain are beautifully adorned and decorated. We've all become so accustomed to the usual prom dress; a solid wall of color that flows gracefully to the floor and that is usually adorned with just one creative accent- a corsage. Examples of adorned in a Sentence. adorned meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of adorn 2. to add something decorative to a person or thing: . making the earth, which God had so adorned for the use of man, a sink of sin, and a stage whereon to act their wickedness . In1784-1785he enlarged the villa into the mansion-house with its present dimensions by building an addition at each end, erected several of the out-buildings, and adorned the grounds, all according to his own plans and specifications. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. A golden chain adorned her neck and her arms were encircled with bracelets of pure gold. Beautiful landscape paintings adorn the walls of the Damle family at Dadar. The dinner and drinking party was a favourite theme in the lavish paintings which, Like most classical dancers, they were heavily made-up, brightly costumed, and, Jon finally saw the similarly made gold wedding bands that, These lehngas have been embroidered with intricate motifs and. Demonstrate 15. The Festsaalbau, erected by Klenze in the Italian Renaissance style, is adorned with mural paintings and sculptures, while the Königsbau, a reduced copy of the Pitti Palace at Florence, contains a series of admirable frescoes from the Niebelungenlied by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld. Although Hillary loves to adorn herself with expensive jewelry, she knows that she can only afford the fake stuff. But about the year 1452 he finally retired to Florence, where he was admitted to the burghership, and on the death of Carlo Aretino in 1453 was appointed chancellor and historiographer to the republic. The whole of this suite of rooms is richly adorned with carvings in wood. Commonly used words are shown in bold. Vintage Vanilla gown is strapless and adorned with a big bow in the front. Commonly used words are shown in bold.Rare words are dimmed. A portion of its western front, adorned with monolith unfluted Corinthian columns, is still standing - the familiar " Stoa of Hadrian "; another well-preserved portion, with six pilasters, runs parallel to the west side of Aeolus Street. The definition of adorn means to decorate or add beauty to a person or thing. … Mariano e Jacopo, a structure of the 12th century, with a façade, adorned with contemporary sculptures, partly restored in 1514-1550. There are statues of Dürer, Sachs, Melanchthon, the reputed founder of the grammar-school, the navigator Martin Behaim, and Peter Henlein, the inventor of the watch; and the streets are further embellished with several fountains, the most noteworthy of which are the Schöne Brunnen, 1385-1396, in the form of a large Gothic pyramid, adorned with statues of the seven electors, the "nine worthies," and Moses and the prophets; and the GÃnsemÃnnchen or goose-mannikin, a clever little bronze figure by Pankratz Labenwolf. Display 25. There are several handsome squares and public gardens, adorned with statues, trees and shrubbery. Most people chose this as the best definition of adorned: Simple past tense and pas... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. His cloister, sanctified by memories of St Antonine and adorned with the inspired paintings of Fra Angelico, seemed to him a fore-court of heaven. The building contained one hundred marble pillars, and was also adorned with sculptures and mosaics sent from Ravenna by Pope Adrian I. Incorporate earthy elements into your coif such as coral or turquoise adorned hair accessories and you have a beach ready style perfect for sunbathing or formal wedding hair. more_vert. Their ready-made mirrors include frames made from reclaimed wood, frames adorned with antlers and twigs, and even frames made with rough wood bark. Rare words are dimmed. Accompany 11. The narrow bands of speckled scales which adorn the body and tail are also a typical keelback pattern. Pieces of polished alabaster and marble, with small pieces of pure gold and gold-headed copper nails, found on and about the top of the second stage, indicated that a small but richly adorned sacred chamber, apparently plated within or without in gold, formerly crowned the top of this structure. Doubtless many of the smaller objects with which primitive man adorned himself, especially trophies from the animal world, were supposed to exert some beneficial or protective influence on the wearer, or to produce in him the distinguishing characteristics attributed to the object, or to the whole of which the object was a part. All Rights Reserved. Adorned meaning in Bengali - খচিত; অলঙ্কৃত; সুশোভিত; উপশোভিত; সুশোভন; ; studded; decorated; crowned; beautified; colorful; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. ‘His angels were likewise adorned with beautiful garments and wondrous instruments.’ ‘His wagon box is adorned with hand prints from youngsters at the Children's Hospital.’ ‘Black furnishings, and tens of temple-candle shaped wall lamps adorn the dining area.’ making the earth, which God had so adorned for the use of man, a sink of sin, and a stage whereon to act their wickedness It was not advisable to use their sedan-chairs adorned with the Ortlieb coat of arms The Pharaoh's characteristic crown (or crowns) symbolized his royal domains, the sacred uraeus marked his divine ancestry, and he sometimes appeared in the costume of the gods with their fillets adorned with double feathers and horns. Adorn 8. in 1254, has a fine pulpit of that period, and on the high altar are sculptures by Mino da Fiesole; it contains several good pictures - the best is an "Annunciation" by Luca Signorelli. Near the end of May, the sand cherry (Cerasus pumila) adorned the sides of the path with its delicate flowers arranged in umbels cylindrically about its short stems, which last, in the fall, weighed down with good-sized and handsome cherries, fell over in wreaths like rays on every side. Ornament 9. adorned definition: 1. past simple and past participle of adorn 2. to add something decorative to a person or thing: . Greaves were found at Glasinatz and Jezerin, though not at Hallstatt; two helmets were found at Hallstatt and others in Bosnia; broad bronze belts were numerous, adorned in repousse with beast and geometric ornament. The chief secular buildings are the town-hall (Rathaus), which dates from the i 5th century and was restored in 1883-1892, adorned with frescoes illustrating the history of the city; the Tempelherrenhaus, in Late Gothic erroneously said to have been built by the Knights Templars; the Knochenhaueramthaus, formerly the gild-house of the butchers, which was restored after being damaged by fire in 1884, and is probably the finest specimen of a wooden building in Germany; the Michaelis monastery, used as a lunatic asylum; and the old Carthusian monastery. The new town, which lies on the flat expanse adjoining the crescent-shaped bay, partly on ground that has been reclaimed from the sea, has large and regularly built streets, and several large squares adorned with artistic monuments. Synonyms: 1. The most ancient of these, it is now agreed, is the fragmentary copy of the Iliad, on vellum, in the Ambrosian Library of Milan, which consists of cuttings of the coloured drawings with which the volume was adorned in illustration of the various scenes of the In 1897 Illorin was occupied by the forces of the Royal Niger Company, and the emir placed himself "entirely under the protection and power of the company.". A woodland fairy is unique because it is adorned with flowers, butterflies, vines and leaves. This temple was most richly adorned with statues and reliefs. Hitherto the Pathan kings had been content with the ancient Hindu capital, altered and adorned to suit their tastes. Its appearance is sufficiently striking - the head and lower parts, except a pectoral band, white, the former adorned with an erectile crest, the upper parts dark grey banded with black, the wings dusky, and the tail barred; but the huge bill and powerful scutellated legs most of all impress the beholder. Decorated 3. One, known as the Sas Baku, is beautifully adorned with bas-reliefs. Jeremy frankly adored it. The first thing Mr Gascoigne showed me was a large telescope amplified and adorned with inventions of his own, whereby he can take the diameters of the sun and moon, or any small angle in the heavens or upon the earth, most exactly through the glass, to a second.". Opposite is the Baptistery built by Arnolfo di Cambio in the 13th century on the site of an earlier church, and adorned with beautiful bronze doors by Ghiberti in the 15th century. What does adorned mean? Sentence Examples. Of late the so-called "Zinspalaste" ("tenement palaces") have been built on a magnificent scale, often profusely adorned without and within with painting and sculpture. How to use daedal in a sentence. The thanes made haste, marched along together until they could discern the glorious, timbered hall, In the late '50s, his paintings became populated with stumpy, beastlike figures, often, It was blandly decorated, the walls painted a very neutral tone of beige, and, She was dressed in pale pink silk, her gown gently caressing the floor and her head, Rows of tanned muscles, tight speedos, topless girls and G-strings, Her feet were covered with sandal clad tabi and her arms were, The man wore a greatcoat that was wet with rain and a dishevelled shako, The image of her walking through a cleared area of a minefield in Angola with a visor covering her face, Shorter than any of the others, her head was, Kisembo is wearing green rubber boots and has brought, as a symbol of his power, a shoehorn, Marvin led them inside his clinic, a small white building with a flower garden in the front, The Temple of Zeus itself was funded from a military campaign, and its entablature was, When one arrives at the platform, attractive and modishly, The main feature of each room is either a four-poster or half-tester bed, all, The architecture attested to its ancient heritage, with massive castle-like structures, Dressed in an ever deeper purple, the king's robe was, There was also a dais in the center with a throne carved of jet and, Potted miniature palms and gilded accents, He grabbed one of the gigantic bones that, One in brilliant yellow, another scarlet red and the two remaining were, The roof sloped down on each side to form a squat triangular passage, Above the water it's a rugged shoreline and a few jagged rocks, The neckline, waist and edges of the sleeves were, The aircraft's tail turret still had its two Brownings installed, their barrels, Master craftsmen built some Welsh churches, and these may well have been, Lace ruffles fell from every lamp, and the chandeliers were, The vestments of the high priest were bejewelled and, He glanced down the hall and spotted Lena talking to Izzy, who was also, Club colours and banners bristled from every corner as bunting and flags, Polo necks are sweaters with raised collars, usually, Her blonde curled hair was piled on top of her head with great detail and she had beautiful crystal, He was awarded the Trinity Cross in 1978, his portrait, Yesterday bouquets of lilies, pansies and white roses, Malkeius walked into the briefing room, a oblong table, Striking items, both decorative and functional, are also crafted from handwoven sea cotton, Some went so far as to swath themselves in mink coats or fur stoles, their heads, I hated the fat men in stovepipe hats that, A large evergreen tree sat haughtily in one corner as a cluster of Raleigh students, The Columbia's executive officer, the cuffs of his sleeves, It is expansive, easy to look out over and often, Her muscular arms are folded across her chest and each of her wrists is, Prospects see those high-toned communiques and imagine their own messages similarly, In the rest of the house all parts were overlaid with gold and, Inside the original rafters and walls are, The Indian forms only have a single horn while the Sumatran rhinoceroses are, I quickly changed into my favorite pastel yellow sundress, The party followed six pall-bearers into church who carried Mr Jackson's coffin, which was, Made of a colorful lame fabric the crown is wrapped with brown velvet and, Even on the street itself are votive shrines set into the wall, lovingly, And everyone is set to benefit because the hotbed of gardening rivalry will ensure the town is, Her mother was wearing a wine red strapless straight gown and a chunky diamond necklace that, She appeared wearing a magnificent green velvet gown richly, Pinstriped oxford shirt, brown hush puppies and wire frame glasses, It then follows a 2 kilometre clifftop walk, In imperial gardens especially, large rose gardens were planted and fragrant climbers, She let her gaze fall over the clingy dress that. If your outfit needs an additional pop of color, choose a brooch adorned with colorful stones that can liven up your outfit. . = He will adorn a white shirt tomorrow. They use distinctive, bright red open top busses that are adorned with drawings of scenes from the city they service. Each t-shirt is adorned with retro-looking band logos, but they are often topped off with a feminine twist such as lingerie trim or spaghetti straps paired with an O-ring. The Seattle Dog came on a toasted pretzel bun and was adorned with cream cheese. In situations like these, consider opting for a top that features a peek-a-boo style, or one that is adorned in another sensual way, for example, with bows. Their adorning is to be effected by means of good works: not that they are to be clothed in, or with, … farther east where it joins the snow-clad Darvaz range, and where the group Sandal, adorned with several glaciers, rises to 24,000 or 25,000 f t. These deities are not easily ' One of the most important sources for the ancient Mexican traditions and myths is the so-called " Codex Chimalpopoca," a manuscript in the Mexican language discovered by the Abbe analysed, but on the other hand Tonatiuh and Metztli, the sun and moon, stand out distinctly as nature gods, and the traveller still sees in the huge adobe pyramids of Teotihuacan, with their sides oriented to the four quarters, an evidence of the importance of their worship. The liturgical colour for Easter was everywhere white, as the sign of joy, light and purity, and the churches and altars were adorned with the best ornaments that each possessed. ", Isabella Gonzaga, who cherished the hope that he might be induced permanently to attach himself to the court of Mantua, wrote about this time to ask news of him, and to beg for a painting from him for her study, already adorned with masterpieces by the first hands of Italy, or at least for a "small Madonna, devout and sweet as is natural to him.". Examples of adored in a sentence: 1. Random good picture Not show. Unlike the waifish, cookie- cutter blondes that adorned Harvard dorm room walls. In the age of Justinian (first half of the 6th century) the great church of St Sophia at Constantinople was adorned with an almost incredible amount of wealth and splendour in the form of screens, altars, candlesticks and other ecclesiastical furniture made of massive gold and silver. You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. above the town of the same name; and contains the ruins of temples adorned with elaborately carved sculptures. Giusto, &c. The cathedral, consecrated in 1120 (? The exterior and interior are elaborately adorned with sculptures. Constructed out of white satin and adorned with copious amounts of pink marabou. The large pasta squares were perfectly cooked and served in a goat cheese sauce, An arrow passes close to the artist's head, which is, Red and gold tapestries and hangings tastefully, The deep slope becomes gentler and I rise to a comparatively shallow 18m, staying with the steeper wall, now, During the seventeenth century heraldic windows, As outraged as the mere thought might make you, a quick gander at these, The golden age of the button was in 18th century France, when they, The style is characterized by tall pyramids supporting a summit shrine, In Papantla, boards or tables are placed on rooftops, which have been, It was remarkable for its typographical perfection, and was, He had a round head as bare as a knee, a corpse's button nose, and very white, very limp, very damp hands, A pair of gorgeous buckskin shaps, embroidered up the sides and, The super-soft plush Chance the Dog and Lucky the Cat both have loud squeakers in their paws and are, The only problem with the latest offering is Princess Leia seems to have ditched the Chelsea Buns that, Next day, he returned with a camel-saddle of equal beauty, the long brass horns of its cantles, Then the visitor bursts into an incredibly richly, He identifies numerous woven antependia and tapestries, now scattered among several museums, which formerly, Stephen Burrows dresses Barbie in a floor-length coral gown, One woman was pushing royal icing through a potato ricer to create a realistic fur effect for the West Highland terriers that, The flavors of pates and juicy chicken and beef. There could be no doubt that that circlet of plain gold had once adorned the finger of a bride. The reign of Gustavus Adolphus was adorned by one great writer, the most considerable in all the early history of Sweden. in thickness, of clay, faced with brick, in the reception rooms wainscoted with stone slabs or tiles, elsewhere plastered, or, in the harem, adorned with fresco paintings and arabesques. Its streets are for the most part narrow and irregular, and contain many old houses with overhanging upper storeys and richly and curiously adorned wooden facades. Click on a word above to view its definition. The eastern gate was adorned with four Ionic columns on the outside and two on the inside, the. The building consisted of a circular Ionic colonnade (of eighteen columns), about 15 metres in diameter, raised on three steps and enclosing a small circular cella, probably adorned with fourteen Corinthian half-columns. hunglish. Like most Slavonic towns, it contains several large squares, the chief of which is adorned with a trinity column, 115 ft. Other noteworthy buildings are the Gothic town hall, founded in 1449 and rebuilt in 1690, and the weigh-house, built by Pieter Post of Haarlem (1608-1669) and adorned with a fine relief by Barth. Walks and gardens now surround the town in the place of the old city walls, but a few towers and gateways adorned with various old coats of arms are still standing. The first book of the Itinerarium contains some additional facts; and the whole of the Latin version is adorned with flowers of rhetoric which are foreign to the style of Ambrose. Another hollow column, the pedestal of which is now known as Avret Tash, adorned the forum of Arcadius. The stalls in the choir, carved by Cristobal de Salamanca in 1588-1593, and the sculpture of the pulpits, as well as the iron-work of the choir-railing and some of the precious marbles with which the chapels are adorned, deserve notice. In her absence he had adored her. Adorned with hanging plants and wicker tables and chairs, it has a serene, almost oriental atmosphere. WikiMatrix. Sentence Examples Six inch high strappy heels adorned her feet. Ornamented 5. can anyone give me a sentence with the word adorned in it. You would use it like the word 'wear'. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Adorned. Six inch high strappy heels adorned her feet. Seashell Dove Cake Topper: Shells make everything beach-inspired, as is evident with this traditional dove topper adorned with seashells. She was extremely well versed in the tales of many of the heroes whose photographs adorned the walls. The principal square is surrounded with pillared porticoes, and has a fountain in the centre; and along the river bank there runs a fine promenade, planted with poplar trees and adorned with statues. How to use adorn in a sentence. How to use adorn in a sentence is shown in this page. The costume of the order is of white satin embroidered in silk, with a purple velvet cloak adorned with roses and gold embroidery, but it is now never worn; in the collar the motto Fert is inserted, on the meaning of which there is great uncertainty,' and from it hangs a pendant enclosing a medallion representing the Annunciation (see Plate IV. 10. It was first published at Nuremberg by Melchior Pfintzing in 1517, and was adorned with woodcuts by Hans Leonhard Schaufelein. The surrounding gardens are adorned with fountains, cascades, lakes and grottos, the principal fountain sending up a jet of water 180 ft. 736) rebuilt and adorned his native city of Balkh after the rebellion of Harith. 0 0. cassie. There are statues of Dürer, Sachs, Melanchthon, the reputed founder of the grammar-school, the navigator Martin Behaim, and Peter Henlein, the inventor of the watch; and the streets are further embellished with several fountains, the most noteworthy of which are the Schöne Brunnen, 1385-1396, in the form of a large Gothic pyramid, adorned with statues of the seven electors, the "nine worthies," and Moses and the prophets; and the GÃnsemÃnnchen or goose-mannikin, a clever little bronze figure by Pankratz Labenwolf. What does adorned mean? The narrow bands of speckled scales which adorn the body and tail are also a typical keelback pattern. The Riddarhus (house of the nobility) was the meeting-place of the Council of the Nobles until 1866, and its hall is adorned with the armorial bearings of noble families. . I recollect well when the western portion was adorned with its beautiful iron railings. It is built in the form of a star, the eight rays converging on a market-place adorned with a statue of the grand-duke George (d. A mile and a half to the north-east is the handsome early Renaissance pilgrimage church of the Madonno della Quercia; the façade is adorned with three lunettes by Andrea della Robbia.

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