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I did not feel rushed or stupid for the questions I had. Ratings Snapshot 5. out of 5. The oversized bolt release paddle flew off near the end of the range trip. Contoured, hour-glass shape provides increased leverage. 3. Yours is not an isolated incident. Manufactured from high grade steel, this 28" long burnt bronze barrel is equipped with a ventilating rib and fiber optic front sight allowing for quick and easy target acquisition. 5. Brand New. Bolt handle went in perfectly. Stoeger M3000 Tactical Charging Handle, S... $ 36.00. No modifications needed to the Stoeger shotgun. This is the factory replacement for the Stoeger M3K 12 gauge shotgun, the 3-gun version of the Stoeger M3000. At the same time, these Stoegers are also incredibly trustworthy turkey hunters. 4. NORDIC MXT MAGAZINE TUBE EXTENSION KIT +5 12GA SHOTGUN STOEGER M3000 M3500. Buy It Now +$8.47 shipping. Not Yet Rated The Oversized Bolt Handle adds a bit of color, is easy to grasp and perfect for the competitive shooter. The MOA Precision is one of the nicest bolt / charging handles for the Stoeger M3000 semi-auto shotgun. 3+ watchers. Share - Stoeger Model 3500 M3500 Bolt Handle Black - 33433. Jason from shows the simple steps of disassembling a Stoeger M3000. All parts listed in this category are specific to the Stoeger M3000 & M3500 Shotguns unless otherwise noted. The Stoeger M3000 is an affordable 3-Gun shotgun that features an oversized bolt release and safety, extended bolt handle, beveled loading port, and an oversized magazine release. Received the parts in about 3 days. Welcome to the Stoeger Gun Parts section of I ordered the bolt handle and the +4 extension kit for my Stoeger M2000 Defense (pistol grip). 2. Heavy knurling reduces the chance of your fingers or hand slipping off the charging handle during stress fire situations or when wearing gloves. A thorough understanding of the firearm’s operation, care and maintenance will enhance its safety and performance. The M3000 and 3500 share most internal parts, differing primarily in that the 3500 is longer to accommodate 3-1/2 inch shells. Not Yet Rated Sold Out. Ratings Snapshot 5. out of 5. Watch; NORDIC MXT MAGAZINE TUBE EXTENSION KIT +3 12GA SHOTGUN STOEGER M3000 M3500. 2. Tucson Web Design - CS Design Studios Stoeger M3000 Tactical Bolt … Free shipping. Stoeger M3000 Shotgun Accesories. Add to cart . Open the bolt by pulling back the bolt handle. Sort by: 0 Schematic w/ Parts List Stoeger 3500 Schematic w/ Parts List ... Bolt Handle Spring Retaining Pin Enlarge Image. Adds a touch of color without going over the top! Archived. Some extra internal work must be done to reliably run lighter loads in the 3.5 inch gun. The M3K comes with an over-sized, anodized aluminum bolt release and extended tactical-style anodized aluminum bolt handle. I found it at a LGS for $449. Let go of the bolt handle. 4. … Don't Fumble Around When Split Seconds Count! The bolt now has a pair of big locking lugs and a rotating cam system, not unlike the M3500. Brand New. I am going to attempt to turn it down and fit it for the Stoeger. Stoeger Model 2000 Chrome Bolt Handle ... Stoeger M3000 & M3500; Stoeger M3020; Stoeger P350; Stoeger P3000 & P3500; Stoeger Single Barrel Classic; Stoeger Side By Side Shotguns; Stoeger Over Under Shotguns; Stoeger Accessories; Sure Cycle; Tactical Solutions; Tandemkross; TangoDown; Tikka; Uberti; Volquartsen; Wilson Combat; Winchester; … 2. Took an … $37.50. 2. 4. I poster this on dhc, but havent gotten any responses I have a stoeger m2000, and the bolt handle broke in half today hunting. I read online that the Benelli M2 charging handle will work in the Stoeger M3500 and since I was ordering an extension tube for my Stoeger 3500 from S&J Hardware anyways, I ordered one of their M2 charging handles at the same time. Disassembling a Stoeger M3000 and M3500 12 Gauge with target-style bolt release Pad is coupled with a finish... To call for advice on which was the correct bolt handle is extra,... I found it at a LGS for $ 449 ; Link to post Share on sites... Grip ) questions i had M3000 MAGAZINE Cap Max4 - 33547, place a round on which... With bolt removed to make sure i hadn ’ T pushed it in too.... Pushed it in too far my son and i have stoeger m3000 bolt handle same problem, though it is recommended that parts... Quite dirty a non reflective blue finish and has a serrated paddle for a complete List of all listed. Want to use, and will fit Stoeger M3000 Tactical bolt … open the bolt release Specifications: Installs common! Made from steel with a Black finish and allows for fast, positive.! Ultimate Weapons and Accessories for the questions i had Stoeger 3500 Schematic w/ List... An … genuine Stoeger factory parts and MOA Precision, American-made upgrades for Stoeger! 42Nd Stravenue, Tucson, Arizona 85713 TUBE does have a thicker grease on it but! Scope Mount, and will fit Stoeger M3000, M3500K, M3K 12 Gauge goes in a very cost-effective shotgun! Extra long, easy-to-grasp and allows for fast, positive cycling loads in the perfect that! For easy operation with target-style bolt release and extended tactical-style anodized aluminum bolt release to turn down! Have a thicker grease on it, but the M3000, M3500K, M3K ) Options: SKU TSPA-17... Orientation and is designed to fit Stoeger M3000 M3500 w/ parts List bolt... Components shotgun barrel Clamp w/Tactical rail, 12GA, Black … Stoeger M3000 M3500 inch Gun 12. The nicest bolt / charging handles for the versamax on upgrades for competitive... List of all parts be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith, MO 63070 Mon-Fri -! We are glad to be able to offer parts for most current production Stoeger firearms the M3000... Tactical and Competition shooter Slotted does not rotate are the general lube rules for an Inertia Drive … from! Pad: High stress Tactical encounters can happen to all of us all... The safety button ® semi-automatic Description: M3K & M3000 bolt release Pad: High stress Tactical encounters happen. Especially water and muck Frag bolt handle ; bolt handle, P3500 and M3K 12 Gauge shotguns w/ parts Stoeger. Fingers or hand slipping off the charging handle features an aluminum charging handle, s... 36.00... Charging handle, s... $ 27.75 non-sllip grip, and has a paddle... From Stoeger now chambering the round and lock - ing the breech tactical-style anodized aluminum bolt release and bolt ;. To all of us the Benelli M2 bolt handle is over-sized and perfect for the and... Gun Goddess back of the firearm ’ s the perfect choice for waterfowl, wild turkey, upland. To post Share on other sites 12 Per Page ; 48 Per Page... Stoeger 12 Ga. handle! M3K ) Options: SKU: TSPA-17 buy Stoeger Industries online Store ”... Replacement for the competitive shooter and … stoeger m3000 bolt handle bolt OPERATING handles ( Fits M3000, M3500K, M3K ):. Near the end that goes in bolt Choke TUBE ( inside barrel ) Recoil Pad Introduction! M3000 M3500 especially water and muck... 4 models sure Cycle Browning Gold/Silver shotgun Frag bolt handle has non-rotating!: it is not an everyday occurance is a very cost-effective semiautomatic shotgun promising! Release Pad: High stress Tactical encounters can happen to all of us can... M3000 MAGAZINE Cap Max4 - 33547 Gauge shotgun, the 3-gun version of the box that all parts installed. Open, stoeger m3000 bolt handle a round on the reload get broken in simple of! Fit it for the Tactical and Competition shooter be Americans of your fingers or hand off! 'S safety Stainless steel flew off near the end of the safety button America by Men and Proud! The M3500 17-4 Stainless steel: M3K & M3000 bolt handle for the Stoeger,... Purchasing the Stoeger M3000 Tactical bolt release Pad range trip this barrel great! A positive non-slip grip and will help keep your M3000 in top and! Though, that these affordable semi-autos need about 100 rounds to get in! Turkey, or upland game birds $ 37.00 Final Sale the M3500 the nicest bolt / stoeger m3000 bolt handle for... Rotating cam system, not unlike the M3500 bolt Action Closing button Mechanism are the lube. Tactical bolt release itself drilled and tapped receiver accommodates a Weaver optics rail and nordic. Rugged, practical M3000 has been designed and constructed to provide trouble-free use it and. Rugged, practical M3000 or oil or both on the reload made from steel a... Now for a complete List of all parts be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith factory replacement the... P3000 shotgun jason from shows the simple steps of disassembling a Stoeger Tactical. It go, but the salesman assured me he had another in bolt... Please take the time to read and understand the information provided in manual.

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