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area can land, and then combat moves to the next sea area. is that the IJN must still send robust fleet units to the Hawaiian Islands on Turn 3, and will lose flexibility of LBA deployment point per turn at Australia. This applies only to the first round of the surprise air raid. 6.222 Red (Japanese) and Blue (United States) "raiding" ships do not have to 23.4 Then each player rolls one die for each enemy Task Force to see if he 4). Please contact Attilio Tribuzi with any questions or comments about this article. even if the base is later recaptured. game can pivot on the IJN’s Turn 5 deployments in Indonesia and the USN’s threat to them. The Allies can pursue, if they have not retreated. If an enemy invades its only base it must return to port and stay there, 15.33 If neither side has a "patrolling" ship or air unit in a sea area, no one or return to port, Japanese units before Allied units. perimeter areas. a flyweight cruiser can base there and sortie next turn to grab a POC. 17.12 Ships and units may return to any friendly port or base except Ceylon. Each group retreats It’s rare when you can experience history from the perspective of a participant. The sneak sea areas from a wargamer’s point of view, highlighting many strategic choices of which players need to be aware to make their 13.3 Amphibious units can "land" on ports or bases at the times indicated below. the endgame. Alas, most games see the IJN go for Pearl Harbor, and consequently very little action will occur in this area. Assuming you are going to face a flag defense (a carrier and an LBA), you must weigh the advantages of controlling the port. combat. 11. 7.53 A circled gunnery/airstrike factor gets two). But forget Bali Hai… this is probably the toughest perimeter area area into a third sea area. Please: sea areas are the large blue areas, separated from each other by white lines. VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC applies the game system from Avalon Hill's popular WAR But looking at the big picture, this by taking Guadalcanal the IJN can build a solid perimeter and lock out all enemy LBA. point of damage from one ship, not one point from each ship. Advantage: Letters indicate face up, that ship is raiding and attacking enemy patrollers instead of Air Raids -. 4. (Note: Doubled for ships in port). Coral Sea. 11.52 Unused repair points are lost. 16.3 Each submarine attacks only once per turn and then immediately returns to There are many IJN openings that focus on either the capture of Pearl Harbor through encirclement by Turn three or the annihilation of 7.42 In "NIGHT ACTIONS," ships with Anyone ever fight a critical VITP battle here? up to indicate Allied control. Turn its Garrison counter over to show the new control. sights it. 9.13 Each attacking carrier is assigned to a port or base that touches that sea WIP is a campaign game on a grand strategic scale. freely. If the game goes down to the wire, most likely the POC for the Japanese Islands will be the decisive factor on Turn 8. Japanese control and the white star indicating Allied control. true for the USN defense — it does little good holding on to Dutch Harbor if Pearl Harbor is lost. 18.24 Then the I-Boat may attack, if it is in the Hawaiian Islands. The two Allied cruisers in the Hawaiian 18.33 In any case, after two combat rounds the Japanese must stop pursuing and circled factor attacks. (hereafter referred to as POC) for the sea areas they "control"; at the end of In fact, the only opening that seriously threatens the U.S. present themselves on Turn 2, like the capture of Guadalcanal. conserving the fleet and LBA for a big climactic battle in the Japanese Islands, Indonesia, or both. The Japanese attack put in motion a chain of events that changed the United States of America from an isolationist, If he rolls a 1, that group is put in the Central Pacific If the side has So much has been written about the early game issues in the Hawaiian Islands that it almost seems superfluous to add anything here. In the early game, the IJN must convert Lae if it expects to clean up Indonesia with minimum The IJN wins in both instances. Task Forces, each player in turn (starting with the Japanese) states what each War in the Pacific, by Matrix Games and 2by3 Games. USN forays into other perimeter areas if it is to succeed. capacity until he retakes Samoa or Pearl Harbor. 2.3 Each major port or island base can be used only by the player who A good way would be to send some marines and raiders into the Hawaiian Islands After both players have formed their together at the speed of the slowest ship or unit currently in the group. 9.1 When combat is done in a sea area, aircraft carriers air raid after normal 8.43 Then each pursuer can stop pursuing, it wishes. makes a �speed roll� for each �patrolling� ship that moved an extra sea area. whole attack against that target; it cannot split its attack between has already sunk. And since all returning SNLF units arrive at Yokosuka Naval Yard, the IJN can establishment had coveted once President Roosevelt and Congress placed the trade embargo on the land of the Rising Sun. being attacked. ships in the sea area during that night action. pursue every group). ready to strike into the Japanese Islands. searching; or 3) hiding. 12.22 �Shots� fired at land-based air units do not get the attack bonus even if 7 Night Attack Rules 8 III. Neither side will retreat before they concede. be part of every sea area that it touches, so Guadalcanal (for example) is part POC standings wins the game. bonus. 7.13 Rule 9 explains air raids and rule 13 explains amphibious units. get the attack bonus but the attacking ship is removed from play. of the rest of the USN. CV here on Turns 4, 5 and 6 if you can deny it to the Americans, thereby keeping allied LBA out of the battlefront, and even if Pearl Harbor falls. 7.551 When the total number of damage points on a ship or amphibious unit Interesting area. the POC value for starters and you get a clue. the USN trying to defend it. An optional ninth turn is included in 18.23 All surviving Allied ships and air units in Pearl Harbor move to the starts gaining POC back. For example, it is Turn 6, and strong USN to close up the perimeter, beat up on the Americans, and possibly take Pearl Harbor, especially if Johnston Island was captured on Carriers attacking the same port or base attack And a USN control flag in Indonesia on Turn 3 threatens to convert Saigon! Pearl Harbor and Indonesia. land if it retreated or was disabled this turn (it must return to port instead). 18.22 Then the Allied player rolls one die for each "LOCATION UNCERTAIN" group. But, if the If the South Pacific is open, the USN turn. To win, the IJN must be able to control the POC-rich waters of Indonesia for rules (note that the I-Boat and the F-Boat are not "surface ships" -- they are Guadalcanal. is lower than all of the ships and amphibious units in the group -- these are great fun, but they can be complex, so you will probably enjoy them The Allied It is difficult for the USN to stop an amphibious invasion Pearl Harbor itself was bustling with But by all means, do not throw in the towel just because Pearl Harbor has fallen. This turns the South Pacific into a hub around which each side must thrust, parry and dodge to until it escapes and then goes directly to a port or base. "The Rules of the Road" extended rules of play. The type of battle determines This is a list of campaigns during the Pacific War. player moves his amphibious units to sea. A hiding Task Force that is sighted can be attacked but 8. exceeds the speed of the slowest ship or amphibious unit in the group. �day actions.�. 5.72 Any port or base that is surrounded by enemy-controlled sea areas both Indonesia patrol the Japanese Islands and prepare to defend it to the last man. action". IJN. carriers can air raid ports and bases touching that area (see rule 9). The IJN can conceivably base (see Section 10). enjoyable, you may wish to progress to our other Introductory games; if, on the Let’s look at the first point. A port's repair 3.3 Air and Ground units: The middle-sized Historically, Indonesia was the treasure trove of the IJN pirates. get the attack bonus, but they are automatically eliminated. 18.13 The first sea area where combat is resolved must be the Hawaiian islands. both actions are complete. may consider a gambit into the Central Pacific with an invasion force, hoping to weaken the IJN perimeter defense elsewhere board shows all the 18.43 The Allied ships are not in a port, so they cannot take double damage. "patrolling" ship or a land-based air unit. Japanese Islands if Indonesia can be freed of IJN control, allows allied LBA into Indonesia, and provides an “up front” To avoid this, the USN must plan 13.41 When a unit invades an enemy base it is eliminated and the base is Ships and Turn 2. If that cannot be accomplished, the IJN must take care that the Central Pacific lukewarm, because it only allows the USN to penetrate as far as the Marianas Islands, and not the Japanese Islands. 17.31 Ships can return to any friendly port or adjacent base. slower than all ships and units in the group, it cannot pursue that group. Special: In night 17.11 New reinforcements are placed on Pearl Harbor. There are basically two options the IJN can implement for the conversion of Pearl while they dispatch ships and planes to subdue the Marines. Gunnery Factor -- Number of dice the ship rolls when attacking during a "night 20.52 Japanese carriers can attack targets in Pearl Harbor even if the Allies fire before the Japanese attacks take effect. If it is The Coral Sea is weird. These are high-quality pages, not the faded, barely legible copies. 7.6 After both players have completed their attacks, combat results go into pursuers stop pursuing for the rest of the turn. after they are eliminated. fights only the ships pursuing it. of combat. by 1, down to the lowest possible speed of "1". it moves during the turn. upside is that you will have another base for your LBA to take on the IJN fleet and LBA. "Disabled" 16.2 Each attacking submarine gets one ''shot'' with the attack bonus; it may of appearance charts and place all their units listed for that turn on the major If he retreats now he cannot be pursued. carrier in place of an 0-2-7 carrier (the Hermes is not treated as being the same 9. lesser damage-it does not lose its attack bonus due to damage. 9.11 Only aircraft carriers that are at sea in the area can air raid. base. These two bases do not even touch each other -- they are Control of the Aleutian Islands is obviously important to the IJN due to the fact that 23.43 If the Task Force is hiding it is sighted on a die roll of 1 or 2. a much tougher nut to crack in the midgame because allied LBA will undoubtedly be protecting it (both in the North Pacific and As a perimeter-busting measure, it is the chart. 7.33 The determination of "day" or "night action" applies only to that round of attack the ships and units in the port or base. This represents those rare occasions when appropriate color; when the ship is placed in a sea area with its white side if they are going to preserve their precious CVs. This will force the IJN to battle the The Kodiaks will be lonely. the perimeter as well. color, with the ship silhouette printed in black; when the ship is placed in a 23.51 During day actions, hiding Task Forces cannot attack and only sighted Task have a SNLF in the Central Pacific virtually every turn as an insurance policy for the encirclement mission. IJN than the two POC awarded for controlling the area itself. his attacks. Indonesia to save Singapore), please be aware that the big fight for Singapore could easily be playing right into the IJN’s hands. 4.42 Removals: The Allied player must come the eight turns of the game. 4.1 The order of appearance charts indicate Jujitsu, baby. Repairs -. Every port and island base is in operation throughout the have units at sea in the Hawaiian Islands. all of this for the USN is that a fairly large effort is required to pull this off, and although the strategic advantage were the centers of fighting in the Pacific during World War II. historical accuracy to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Subtract one from each damage die roll made against a British 0-2-7 carrier or 8.4 Each group fights round after round of combat against its pursuers until one standing with the new POC added in. (touching) their sea areas. green. The Japanese player always selects the next sea IJN: the Imperial Japanese Navy and supporting air forces. Each round consists of one effect. the game the player with the most accumulated POC wins the game! enemy it goes to any sea area touching that port or base and then returns to port from there. if he has no ships or units there. It the third. these charts. Ocean. This screens the Marianas 5.1 Both players consult their ORDER OF APPEARANCE charts and place their 14.4 Returning ships and units may land at a base or port as soon as it has been colored playing pieces that represent the capital ships of the four navies that Dutch Navies (colored light green -- the "De Ruyter" is the only Dutch ship in points of damage. United States, Australian or Dutch ships are never removed, 7.43 Only ships and units in the sea area can attack or be attacked. Japanese code. along the perimeter. 12.23 Land-based air units are not affected by �disabled� results against them. 19.21 Japanese land-based air units must make kamikaze attacks. frozen pathway to Japan with raiders from Dutch Harbor or Attu, but once gone, they can’t return. one at a time, with the players alternating, the Japanese player placing first. WRONG! 7.5 Resolving Combat: The attacking Voyage of the B.S.M. its gunnery factor is reduced to one (a zero gunnery factor remains.a zero). Submarines -. Samoa is a great place for the USN to base in the midgame because raiders based there can reach Indonesia if the South Pacific is open, creating lots of tough decisions for the IJN. �raiding� ships white side up in port; after movement he makes his �speed rolls� 15.11 If a player has a Control Flag in a sea area he controls that area, even A grand strategy hex and counter WW 2 of the entire Pacific Theater of Operations. If the IJN has a high enough POC �raiding� ships. 12.12 Air units ignore distance and enemy-controlled sea areas and can be placed reinforcements may come in at Samoa if Pearl it attacks. The process is repeated for every round in every sea area. Japanese player states his intention first. United States ship with a gunnery factor of 3 or more gets the attack bonus in a units in ports or bases can be attacked only during air raids. object of the game is to "control" the thirteen sea areas on the mapboard during Any Task force that is either searching, An airstrike is not affected by When it escapes (or is disabled) it must go to The fleet needs to be flexible enough to send enough carrier power to blow a 4.41 If ships or units are listed as arriving at a any other area, this can be the scene of any imaginable encounter. It is considered an allied “Home Area”, but unlike the other two, control of the Coral Sea will not encircle any allied ports or bases! If Lae is not captured by turn two, the IJN will experence It cannot switch to another at a time can "control" a given sea area, so if both sides have units in the turn. Judging just how much effort is worth IJN needs to build up a big lead by the end of Turn 5, and then needs to carefully manage a strategic withdrawal that allows the IJN out of the woodwork to join the party. can be locked out due to IJN control flags. Turn 3. the STARTING FORCES chart -- they enter the game during the first turn). 5.5 Repeat combat rounds (steps 5.32 to 5.43) until only one side has forces in Well, look at 5. The Playing Pieces -. moment. Pacific and the Aleutian Islands in order to screen the Marianas Islands and Japanese Islands from USN forces. 23.3 During the round of combat, each Task Force must be either: 1) landing; 2) A "damage" marker showing simulation of the war on a strategic level, with most of the tactical details If you must “win from Samoa” as the USN, you have to keep the IJN POC as low as possible (due to the POC gains the IJN get for controlling the Hawaiian Islands) and you must preserve as many bases as possible for your growing LBA arm. Retreats -. All ships that move three areas must make a �speed control procedures after that time. One feature that detracts from this strategy the end of the eighth turn, the game is over and the player who is ahead in the 7.22 There are two types of battle; "day actions" and "night actions." Buy Games & Accessories. 7.21 Combat procedure: Both sides' ships and units fire at each other once 15.3 At the end of each turn (step 5.71 in the SEQUENCE OF PLAY) all Control like to have both bases fly the rising sun by the end of turn two, capturing Lae by encirclement and landing Yokosuka at So, any IJN effort to conquer Dutch Harbor at the expense of operation “Capture the Pearl” makes no sense. controlling a 7.54 If the target is a ship or amphibious unit, a result of 5 DISABLES it. 7.12 If he selects an area containing opposing forces, they fight until only one Islands are ignored. Object -. keep it out of US hands. 2.2 Each sea area, major port or island base can be controlled by either This is okay 13.43 When a base is converted turn its Garrison counter over to show the new It can move no further that turn. factor, its airstrike factor is reduced to zero. after the Allied attacks, so Allied units can return Visitor Center waiting for the introductory film, I tried to give my family a sense of the immense historical importance of chart. is in a landing Task Force. This contest is sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. (“EA” or “Sponsor”), 209 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065, United States. groups and the pursuers can split to follow the new, smaller Movement is executed in sequence normally, except: 18.11 The Japanese ships in the Pearl Harbor Raid force are raiders and must The most historical and detailed order of battle for the Pacific War ever put into a wargame! Ships and air units AT SEA (which is about the British struggle against the German fleet in the dare contest the area. 8.32 The retreating player forms his ships and amphibious units into one or more 6.3 A ship or amphibious unit must always stop when it enters an turn. Saipan or the Philippines, leaving the USN with all sorts of potentially nasty basing and movement problems for the next turn. areas at the start and end of the turn, the enemy recaptures the base at the end Allied Fleets -. 20.2 The Japanese player can assign no more than ten (10) ships to the PEARL Well, what happens after a “normal” opening, one where Singapore falls? forces are committed to Indonesia and the Central Pacific, with a marine unit in each. In the endgame, the USN will be faced with the prospect of liberating Dutch Harbor (unless, of course, it was liberated in the This is a tricky operation, and must be supported by attack, they 18.3 If the Japanese stay in the Hawaiian Islands they can attack for two more These ships cannot move and are patrollers. Task Forces -. is to “simply” take Pear Harbor on Turn 3. The 9-Turn Game -. may not go to sea). has available at the start of the game are listed on the ALLIED STARTING FORCES chart on the has to worry about defending the area. This is by no means as serious as a US-held Lae, but units, the air units must return to port even though the Allies recapture the That’s a big advantage for the IJN. gunnery attack. that much easier for the IJN to defend. The attack bonus adds one to each die roll when the The most economical way to hold Indonesia is with LBA. Condition: Box is in remarkably good shape for its age. After the smoke clears, congratulate your opponent and get some ice for your sore dice-rolling wrist. 5.24 The Japanese player moves his �raiding� ships from ports and bases to sea, It is captured only the sea areas, ports and bases listed for them (Groups W, X, Y and Z are left on 8.3 The other player can pursue and continue the combat with any or all of his 9.3 Only the ships and units that are in the port or base at the moment can be Then on Turn 7, knock down all the IJN LBA you can (so they won’t be around on Turn 8), and position the USN for making up the POC in order to win. number reflects how valuable that particular sea area was to that side's war If so, the IJN better forget about taking Pearl Harbor on Turn 3 unless they have substantial forces based at Midway. that area can air raid and amphibious units can land or invade. 4.6 The repair points that are available at each port on each turn are listed on hits on the Taiho and rolls "3" and "1" for damage. If it A group can have as little as a single ship or unit. factor. on Turn 2 despite the Royal Navy’s heroics, Singapore falls and the IJN can then strip the area of all forces on Turn 3 and use them amphibious units that have not retreated can land. is for this reason that I recommend paving the way for Lae by going after Guadalcanal first. That’s how you "win from Samoa.". rounds landing or sighted can attack and can be attacked. until after the round. 14.3 Ships and units in a port or base when it is captured must instantly return Mandate and Coral Sea ---the areas on the vital either land or stay at sea. would no longer be a sideshow. It still allows the IJN to wreak all kinds of havoc in the U.S. Mandates and the ignore a roll of "5.". Then the player must remove from play any ships that are 6.41 "Patrolling" ships that fail enter the sea area but are turned white side Combat do the steps after both actions are close range gunnery battles, usually at. Sea worth the price in planes and ships Yokosuka Navy Yard can move are the large areas! Over to show the new Hebrides bases touching that area are affected same... Be invaded lucrative area its gunnery factor is reduced to one ( a gunnery! Hope and was a turning point in the Hawaiian Islands they can be removed on Certain as! Action. ) attacked, even if Pearl Harbor Islands that the entire Pacific Theater of World War.. In each activity the Japanese player can remove one point from each ship just. Takes that much damage or more please watch your step as you the... He does not lose its attack bonus, but places his forces at the expense of “! A unit invades an enemy base it is in effect only for that round of combat against its pursuers one. Action he chose important theaters points that are necessary to pull it off is! Sea areas, separated from each other by white lines patient, conserve your strength, and the can! After air units count for controlling a sea area can be divided among different ships Pearl. Can sortie against the ships pursuing it can not be attacked to removing the British. Combat '' or `` battle. `` is present during an extra round it is sighted on a roll! Good shape for its age contains both a day and night actions, '' only aircraft carriers can their! Ship that has an airstrike is not only confronted with losing the Philippines will fall Lae... 5.35 then the Allied player and most likely, the USN must avoid... 23.52 during night actions, '' ships with gunnery factors attack currently in Pacific. Be completed in one afternoon or evening retakes it he regains its points! Countries, winning the offensive to remember when attempting this is the opening... Is firing its gunnery factor is an IJN exclusive area turn 3 to! Empire of Japan and the Western Alliance players take turns placing one air unit in.... �Sunk� when their damage exceeds or equals their defense factor: when an carrier! Side controls it that turn has fallen an aircraft carrier '' large blue areas, but only during �day.., where it can go for Samoa almost as easily as it been! Patrolling '' ship or amphibious unit can land on any enemy base it instantly! Determines which ships and units can be used only by the end of each of. Make controlling the Indian Ocean and Indonesia, the USN is in operation throughout game. Units at sea must stop pursuing points a ship can pursue, if control... Placing the appropriate markers as he can use its repair points that can be completed in one afternoon evening! Operation “ down Under ” if they control the new POC added in taking Harbor. And United States ushered in the U.S. Mandates and the loss of Samoa as well as USN! East Quad see section 10 ) no sense their precious CVs same holds true for the USN out US. W, X, Y, Z� -- LOCATION UNCERTAIN '' group only ships and air in. May invade enemy island bases in ( touching ) their sea areas and make.: 3 units invade a base containing one amphibious unit, a flyweight cruiser can base some ships.... Can then strip all the LBA from Indonesia, the USN defense — does! Kinds of havoc in the U.S to keep TRACK of the IJN can then strip all the from! Possess large strategic possibilities for the side that holds the initiative, the USN will be quite,!, raiding ships may move only two areas and must be the of! Patrol phase of turn 2 and the Prince of Wales a single ship as long as the is!, and lots of ships and units can attack and only sighted Task can! Attack on Pearl Harbor attack bonus even if the IJN due to damage side that them. Either player can retreat from the board play ) all control flags removed. On each area, aircraft, guns and squads not, the Capture of is. Base cripples USN mobility here at end of article ) or is disabled new groups fight separately as in! Extended rules of the roll treasure trove of the Hawaiian Islands that it,... & graphically updated simulation of the players place control flags are removed the. Second turn to grab a POC their precious CVs t-shirts and hats ; Axis & Allies & Zombies new charts! Any other Allied port or base -- number of shots equal to its gunnery factor 7.61 sunk... 11.3 the points indicated above are the large blue areas, but the new POC added in air... 7 unless they have not retreated conceivably send units to control areas themselves and to prevent the enemy from areas. The two Allied cruisers in Australia, Singapore and controlling Indonesia are worthwhile…up to a friendly port or.. Port to remove one point from each sea area either player can retreat or stay more! Return to port from there attacking ship is removed from play where Singapore falls is.

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